Challenge: Adapt an existing format including a folder, two bound documents, and a DVD.

Solution: Feature exceptional photography and stories.

Format: Two 9 x 12 bound booklets, folder, and DVD package


Jamba Juice

For this project we were asked to create a document for multiple uses: reporting for investors and the recruiting of franchise owners. 

Result: Short print run, digitally produced booklet that visually reflects the energy of the brand. Two versions: 5 x 7, 36 pages, perfect bound; the alternate version featured a gatefold cover with financial data.


New Resource Bank

Challenge: Designing a print publication with a sustainability theme presented an ethical dilemma for the client.

Solution: We designed a landscape-format document to tell this story of entrepreneurial spirit and environmental responsibility.

Format: 11 x 8.5, 12 pages, rounded corners to reflect the brand


Wine Institute

Challenge: Create a document that charts the path of sustainability on 36 different categories of the member wineries.

Solution: Heavy on infographics, formatted as a technical state-of-the-industry report, with a companion executive summary.

Format: 300 pages, wire bound.


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